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We go Anywhere & Everywhere

Need a Mohs Histotechnician that can bring great efficiency and proficiency to your practice but are not local to us. NO PROBLEM! As long as we have adequate time to fly out we can offer our services to all Mohs Surgeons in the country! 

Give us a Call to get on our Schedule

Still skeptical about having someone traveling to your office? Just check us out! Click on one or all of the social media links below to see all of our posts showing the work that we are performing. Contact us and we can discuss further details and pricing. We got into this business so that we could offer services to everyone that is in need. There are so many great Mohs Dermatologists that need a highly efficient and proficient Mohs histotech to be able to take great care of all those in need to have their skin cancers removed, and we hope to help fulfill those needs! 

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