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Who we are...

Meet Andy


Andy Fortune studied at the University of Eagon in Minnesota until he graduated in 2007 becoming a Certified Histology Technician. He has been performing Mohs Histology for over 15 years now but has taken a great passion in all fields of histology. Andy has spent the last 5 years traveling to different Epiphany Dermatology practices to train multiple Mohs Technicians. Due to Andy's passion for histology, he thrives on providing the upmost quality slides he can produce for his physicians. When Andy is not producing high quality slides or teaching others how to do the same, he enjoys his time with his amazing wife, two outstanding children and one crazy beagle hound mix. They enjoy their time biking, hiking, camping, and snowshoeing near their home in Colorado. 

Please check out the photos below of some of Andy's work!

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