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Mohs Lab Start Up

Starting up your lab can be hard work and stressful making sure everything is in place to be operating successfully, and functioning under the CLIA standards set forth for your Mohs lab. Let us help you with that! 

CLIA Application

We can help you fill out your CLIA application so that you can file for your CLIA license. 


Lab setup

When starting any task its hard to remember all the things you will need. There are a lot of parts that bring the lab together and missing one part can put a damper on your day. We can help you remember all those parts and pieces needed to put your lab together. 



Let us help you create your lab manual with all the proper documentation needed per CLIA guidelines!


Quality Control Manual 

We can help you create all your daily quality control protocols and log sheets to make sure you are staying compliant with CLIA regulations. 


We can Help!

Contact us today to let us know how we can help you to your path of success for your Mohs lab!

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